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ITI Surveyor Trade Theory 1st year Online Test

ITI Surveyor Trade Theory 1st year 25 Questions Online Mock Test

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ITI Surveyor Trade Theory 1st year Online Test 1

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Which accessory is required to take inclined Sights?

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Which accessory can be used if the Elevations or depressions of the object are low?

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How the vanes are fixed in plain alidade?

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Which accessory is used to read the angles Of both elevation and depression and can be read On the vertical circle?

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Which is quick and accurate method in Three point problem?

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Which circle is passing through the three Ground points in three point problem?

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What is the triangle formed by joining the Three ground points in three point problem?

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What is the back ray method in plane table Survey?

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Which is the method used only for locating Station points?

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Which is the line joining two stations in Plane table survey?

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Which method is suitable for the survey of Small areas in plane table?

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Which method used in plane table survey is Also similar to that of compass or theodolite?

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Which method is used for plotting Inaccessible objects, broken boundaries, river etc.?

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Which process is necessary if more than One instrument station is to be used?

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Which accessory is used for centerings the Table over the point or station occupied by the Plane table?

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What is the technical term used in the Working edge of alidade?

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Which operation the table top is made truly Horizontal?

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How many methods are used to solve by Three point problem?

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What is the another name of tracing paper Method?

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What is the another name of mechanical Method?

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Which method is positions of the point are Fixed on the sheet by the rays drawn from two Instrument stations?

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How many setting up of operation are there In plane table survey?

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What is the another name of Bessel’s Method?

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Which type of survey cannot be done in Dense wooded areas?

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Which survey is checking of plot details and Can be done easily on the spot itself?

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