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ITI Draftsman Civil Theory 2nd Year Trade Theory 25+ Nimi Questions Mock Test

ITI Draftsman Civil Theory 2nd Year Trade Theory 25+ Questions CBT Exam Test in English

हमने आपके लिये ITI Draftsman Civil Theory 2nd Year Trade Theory के 25+ Questions का Mock Test तैयार किया है और यह स‍ब प्रश्‍न Nimi से लिये गये है इससे आपको पेपर मे बहुुत मदद मिलेगी

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ITI Draftsman Civil Theory 2nd Year 25+ Questions Nimi Mock Test

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Q1. What is the formula for floor area ratio?

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Q2. Which of the following standard should considered in planning?

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Q3. What is the name of the figure given below?

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Q4. What is the abbrevation for MOEF?

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Q5. How the economy achieved in building?

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Q6. Which of the following is used as escape elements in building for fire safety?

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Q7. What is the name of the plan which gives location with respect to neighbourhood boundary in 1:10000?

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Q8. Which does forest conservation act was passed?

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Q9. Which plan is approved and sanctioned by competent authority?

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Q10. Which room should be situated near kitchen and drawing?

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Q11. Which type of building comes in group H?

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Q12. What is the permissible F.A.R for commercial building?

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Q13. What is the name of the group institutional building was classified?

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Q14. What is the allowable height of riser in public building W.R.T to NBC 2005?

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Q15. Which building provides sleeping and cooking facilities?

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Q16. What is the lead air charges per hour needed in a restaurant kitchen?

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Q17. Which is the important room in a residential building W.R.T NBC 2005?

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Q18. Which group in which custodial institution comes?

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Q19. Which classification does row building comes in?

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Q20. Which classification of the building have highest F.A.R permissible?

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Q21. What is the full form of CADD?

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Q22. What is the full form of CPU?

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Q23. Which of the following shortcut keys gives quick calc?

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Q24. Which of the following commands has one major option?

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Q25. Which shortcut key does the work of ortho?

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