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ITI COPA Online Mock Test, Computer Operator and Programming Assistant 1st Year Online Test

साथियो आज मे लेकर आया हुआ iti copa online test 1st year जिसमे आपको 10 सवाल दिए गए है जो आपकी परीक्षा के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है यह टैस्ट nimi mock test निमी पर आधारित है

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ITI COPA THEORY 1st Year Online Test 2

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What is the purpose of memory unit in a computer?

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What is the purpose of expansion slot in mother board ?

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Which is an internal power supply units of CPU?

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What is the main electronic component of the first generation computer?

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How does the parallel port transfer a byte?

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Who invented Analytical engine?

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Who is considered as father of computer?

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What type of device is computer?

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Which is the first general purpose programmable electronic computer?

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Which is the sequence, in which computer operates?

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